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The Worst and Best of Being a Caregiver Part II

The best part of being a caregiver, for my mom with dementia, is when we seem to actually have a real conversation: “Mom, you ever getting up today?” “No.” “You were up late last night, huh?” “Yes.” “Do you want … Continue reading

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The Worst and the Best of Being A Caregiver Part 1…

Being a caregiver is not always easy or pleasant. We all know that.But that shouldn’t be the case. After all, we’re taking care of loved ones who are precious to us. In many cases, that loved one in our care, … Continue reading

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Take It To Another Level

Whether you care for a family member or you work in the field, find out more about who your patient was before their memory loss. When you pay attention to some of the little things that were special in their … Continue reading

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Shift The Focus Part II

Communication is very tough. If your loved one has vascular dementia, caused by a stroke, the ability to speak and make sense is lost. Sure, you could be all depressed about this. Or, look a little deeper. My mother laughs, … Continue reading

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A Shift in Focus- Part I

 Being a caregiver takes it toll emotionally, especially if your patient is a family member. It’s often difficult to not get hung up on all the things she can’t do anymore. It’s becomes too sad to think about the person … Continue reading

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Confused? Listen To The Music Play

Music can be a tremendous help in easing the confused brain of those with memory impairment. With speech being so difficult, the house can be very quiet.  I think the distraction of music creates a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village “It takes a whole village to raise a child” Let’s look more closely at these words from the old Nigerian proverb, because it doesn’t have to be just about children. It can apply to the care … Continue reading

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Stop Asking Questions!

I’ve learned to stop asking questions, if possible. Mom’s vocabulary is very limited now. She simply does not understand most questions. Especially two and three part questions. You might be surprised to listen to yourself when you speak. So many … Continue reading

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Time To Take A Shower

The time has come for mom to take a shower. There’s no way around it. It’s been 5 days. Yesterday she promised to go upstairs with me and get cleaned up. I helped her undress but when I turned the … Continue reading

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