The Worst and the Best of Being A Caregiver Part 1…

Being a caregiver is not always easy or pleasant. We all know that.But that shouldn’t be the case. After all, we’re taking care of loved ones who are precious to us. In many cases, that loved one in our care, has given us a wonderful life already.

Well, the worst part for me is when my mom can’t communicate something she feels is very important. She has lost most of her speech and the words that she’s able to utter don’t make any sense. When they seem to make sense, I never know if she knows what she’s talking about. Oftentimes, yes means no and no means yes. Mom gets so frustrated at times like this she ends up storming off, insinuating that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The worst part is I can no longer drink wine in front of mom. She wants some too. I think it’s ok if she has wine on occasion but she guzzles the entire glass in one fell swoop!

The worst part is giving mom a shower. She’s scared and cries. It’s just hard to see your mom in such a state.

The worst part is hearing mom use curse words. She was always a proper lady. Now, those are the only words she uses correctly!

The worst part is seeing mom with her finger up her nose. The tissues may be right there in front of her but she doesn’t know to use one. When I give mom a tissue she just wipes her nose. She’s forgotten how to blow. So, this goes on all day long.

The worst part is when mom thinks I’m out to get her, to harm her in some way. I’m being gentle, soothing and loving and she seems to think I’m a criminal who wants to steal her sweater or a rapist or something awful like that. I don’t know what she really thinks but this behavior sure is hard to take.

The worst part is when mom wants to help in the kitchen. She used to own that kitchen, whipping out dishes right and left that had the whole town drooling for more. Now, since she doesn’t know what to do, mom is simply in the way. I’m afraid she’ll get burned or cut. The kitchen is no longer a safe place for mom.

Ok, so it’s not easy and now we know some of the reasons why. Stay tuned for Part 2- The Best Parts of Being a Caregiver

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