caregivingAt the same time that I found myself suddenly unemployed, my mother was showing more signs of memory loss. My dad was doing his best to take care of her but he needed some help. However, they live on the east coast and I lived in Colorado. It seemed like a good time to come home.

I’ve always bragged about having the best parents ever. And, I’ve always said how much I look forward to the opportunity to take care of them like they took care of me.

In March of 2012, I sold most of my belongings and moved back east to live with my parents. Mom and Dad now live at their lake house in Maine from May through October and then spend the winter months in New York where we all grew up. I left my 25 yr. old son and many great friends behind in Colorado.

I immediately began writing a journal of my experience. Now, I’d like to turn that journal into something useful for somebody. Out of my journal entries I’m creating stories that will hopefully help others in a similar situation.

I’ve created additional pages for links to other resources.


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